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#1 17-06-2013 
Yea, I know, you hate em fansee...but read on.

I have added a slider show to the index; the 5 latest Downloads will whoosh past so fast you have no time to read em. Hit Prev or Next and it turns off the auto scroll and you can view at your leisure.

* leefish passes fansee a hanky. Ya big baby.
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#2 17-06-2013 
* fanseelamb accepts hanky and sniffles away

Yeah I see what you did there. God rid of the tabs. It makes sense, showcases the downloads and at least the next/prev buttons stop the whooshing. Could maybe add a "pause" button too so you don't need to know the secret code of pushing next/prev to stop it? Just an idea, IDK if it would actually be a good thing or remotely easy to do.

* fanseelamb pets cute little portal fish and returns to her happy place

(Have I told you that I really like the new portal? It's so visual with all the thumbnails and informative button below them, and the latest posts listed on the side. Love it.)

#3 17-06-2013 
I like the slider Smile Your eye is immediately drawn to it and I don't think it's too fast either Smile
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#4 17-06-2013 
@Karen Lorraine, yes, it is quick but not as bad as I made it seem to scare fansee Big Grin

@fanseelamb - I will look into a start stop mechanism (what I shall have to WRITE MYSELF OMG).

#5 18-06-2013 
Not a fan of the slider, damn it's slow, I don't have the patience to sit there and wait for the pictures. Angry Thank goodness for the next button.

Total unrelated and nothing to do with this thread; but can I ask why we have 2 At smilies and what happened to the slap smiley?

#6 18-06-2013 
@Michelle , yea, I slowed it down a bit - it really was whooshing before.


I see the slap? Maybe browser caching?

#7 19-06-2013 
cool slap is back fishslap
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#8 19-06-2013 
arg why Tongue

* leefish is fishslapped


Sorry, that is a members only option