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Fishmas 2015 - Day 12
I don't want a lot for Fishmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Fishmas tree
I just want to be a fish
Swimmin' around the fishmas bowl
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Fishmas are fins

Yetis, yetis, everywhere!

Here's a mod that will instantly transform all your bigfoots into yetis. (Bigfoot-Yeti_DEFAULT)

There's also a "custom" version which consists of clothes, hair and facemask makeup to let you make normal sims look like yetis. (Bigfoot-Yeti_CUSTOM)

You can install both at the same time if you want.

Merry Fishmas!
x 40

CREDIT and LINK if you use my stuff.

Mesh and texture edits (aka recolours) are welcome.

You may include my meshes with your recolours.

You may include my content with your own packaged Sims and Lots.

Please do not redistribute my original files in any other way.

Please do not redistribute my sims or altered versions of them.

Please do not post any part of my work on any paysite, including TSR (The Sims Resource).

Have fun!

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Wow, lol, thank you Smile

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Woo. Thank you for the gift

"All I want for Fishmas is y-"

* leefish is gagged by the stop terrible singers singing terribly action group


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