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Fishmas 2015 - Day 20
Away in a fishbowl, no reef for a bed.
A little fish dreaming of sims and fishmas.

This pack contains 25 different curtains from modern to floral to retro and in a rainbow of colours! They are recolours of the loft base game one and two tile curtains.

All the patterns are taken from
x 22

Please do not reupload my Lots and claim them as your own. If you would like to use any of my Lots in a neighbourhood that you wish to upload please PM me for permission first.

You may use my recolours in Lots that you upload to any site. Please provide a link back to my profile on the site that you downloaded it from. Whilst some of my recolours can be found here at Leefish and SFUK most of them are at MTS (

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#2 20-12-2015
How lovely! This is something I for one can never have enough of. Smile Thank you, SantaFish and HelperFish!

#3 20-12-2015
I will never, ever have enough of these. Seriously - you should see "that" folder AND see my linen closet "keep forever" bin. Big Grin

Thankies Santafishie and all the other jolly fishies!

#4 20-12-2015
Excellent! Love it!


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