Shopping racks
#1 27-11-2018 
So how annoying is that? I have been making some deco items into shopping racks, and now I discover why all Maxis shopping racks only have one subset. When the rack gets emptied it uses a BHAV to update the material and then the rack subset defaults back to the default colour. You can recolour it back to the correct colour, but still.

gah Sad

Is this a problem for users? Would you download an object that had this glitch?
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#2 27-11-2018 
If, after using specific normal functions of an item, I would have to spend §15 on using the design tool to restore its intended colors EVERY TIME, you can be sure that I would be very upset very soon, abandon the object, and start shouting at the creator!

I understand that in this case it would be wrong to blame the creator because it's a Maxis oversight. But shouting at Origin/EA/Maxis has NEVER helped anyone; they totally ignore us regardless. Besides, who really expects them to fix an issue in a twelve-year-old EP to an ancient game???

Therefor, if I know beforehand, that an object is going to have this issue, I think I wouldn't bother downloading it.

#3 27-11-2018 
Have you looked at gayers mod on MTS for the rabbit head? That also uses a bhav to change material states and always reverted to the original when the toddler was done, maybe it's similar?

#4 28-11-2018 
Good idea, I will look in that, but this object of mine has two subsets, and only one reverts to the default, the other holds the set colour.

#5 28-11-2018 
Yeah, I looked in the mod, gayars uses a previously (?) initialised temp to fix it. I don't have a temp to use. It is how the game shopping racks work, one subset is the clothes, and that holds, the other is the frame/stand and the game racks only have one subset. When the rack empties, it does a model change, and then reapplies the colours at restock. That is the moment when the colour of the rack base resets to default. The chosen clothes colours hold.

#6 07-12-2018 
I can possibly help with that, if you can meet me later on chat Smile It is a custom object right? You might be better off looking at my snowman tree (yeah the weird one), as it changes material on only part of it.

Just pm me here, and it comes to my email, and I will meet you.

#7 08-12-2018 
ok, I tested in game, and the rack you sent me still lost its color on the first restock. I clicked on the design tool, saw that the original colors were still selected and closed the design tool. Then the color refreshed, it did not cost anything.

#8 08-12-2018 
So odd because in my game the color stayed the same and it cost money to restock. I even did it again after I sent it back to be sure!

#9 08-12-2018 
maybe you have a mod in game that I dont? A mod that affects shopping racks maybe?

#10 08-12-2018 
Mine... Tongue am in chat btw


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