The Sims 2 will not start (Solved)
#11 17-04-2020 
Hi "MercyInReach", it is really important that you follow the outlines for help in this section. Beginning with reading the section "Before you post requesting help" at the bottom, and following up with actually doing as it says!

That means: do NOT add your problem to another thread, regardless how old that thread is, but START YOUR OWN thread, and please attach your config-log.txt file (do NOT paste it in, because then we see only less than half).

#12 27-06-2022 
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I have been trying for 4 days to get Sims 2 to run in windows mode and it won't open at all.
I used the 4GB patch, then the Graphics Rule maker and now I get that direct9.oC error and the game will not open.
I've googled all kinds of sites for a fix but nothing has worked.

.txt  DESKTOP-5R1CB7D-config-log.txt (Size: 6.32 KB / Downloads: 23)

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.txt  OperatingSystem.txt (Size: 194 bytes / Downloads: 17)

#13 27-06-2022 
Hi @missionmouse, I thought I'd look at the files you attached, but I must say there is nothing there for any of us to work with. I wish I knew what to tell you here.

#14 29-06-2022 
Your config shows you have an RTX 3070, but the GRM section is empty? Run GRM as admin and then give a new config-log. It would be best if you would run a dxdiag to get your system information, the one you attached gives no information.

#15 29-06-2022 
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I am so sorry I posted this in this thread. I found out what was wrong and I fixed it. Thank you for trying to help and not yelling at me for posting this here.

#16 29-06-2022 
Don't worry too much about it, @missionmouse. Stuff happens. Glad you got your game fixed!


Before you post requesting help
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  2. Your operating System.
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