Laptop run sims 2 UC
#11 12-06-2021 
Hi @Chelsxwatson, congratz on the new laptop. I see you got the 4GB patch working. Very good. But what I think you still need to do, is get and run the latest Graphics Rules Maker. Because that will include the graphics card into the Database, and fix the texture memory. After that, it might all go a lot better.

#12 12-06-2021 
I tried that but it started crashing as soon as I went it to play mode then.. it only seems to crash straight away when I go on to the household I have made ??
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#13 12-06-2021 
Well, according to the latest config.log you attached, your graphics card isn't found in the database, and the texture memory is set to the highly inadequate 32MB. Both of these are indications that either GRM has not done its job properly, or you didn't let it.

Once these problems are fixed, if the game still crashes, we can try to find out what else is wrong. Retry running the GRM and letting it do its work, follow its recommendations, and then attach a NEW version of the config-log, so we can see what's happening. Okay?

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.txt  DESKTOP-3P28PPA-config-log.txt (Size: 10.57 KB / Downloads: 163)
i have been playing it today with the household already on the game but for some reason crashes when I go on a household i have made.

#15 12-06-2021 
Ah, this config-log looks better. It's still a bit low on texture memory, but as long as its good enough for you...

The fact that you CAN play a premade family/household, but not the one that you made yourself, leads me to believe that there's something wrong with the family or the house you made. Have you tried loading your self-made household without any mods or CC in the game? Because if you have, for example, downloaded an outfit, or a hair, that is too complex, or is based on a mesh that you don't have, ANYTHING could happen, including crashes. The same may go for some types of furniture, but I'm not sure about that.
There is also the possibility that the file for that household was not properly saved, and can therefor no longer be loaded/opened.

#16 12-06-2021 
Got rid off all my cc n it still crashes on just my household

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Oh I'm sorry it happened like that. I also had one unpleasant story. My laptop froze a month ago, and I had to force a reboot. During a game, I was upset that the data would not be saved. But when I turned the computer back on, I saw that absolutely all of my data was gone. To tell you the truth, I was shocked and horrified.
On the advice of a friend, I contacted a data recovery service. Fortunately, they were able to recover my data. When I asked why this happened, they told me that a virus had got into my laptop. Now I have a paid subscription to an antivirus.
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