What's up with the main fish?
#21 01-12-2021 
I just have no word. I miss you Lee! You are so kind, so helpful, so creative, ... We miss you forever! You are somewhere, somewhen, somehow, out there in an infinite bubble of happiness. <3

#22 01-12-2021 
Leefish... my favourite creator and sim fansite owner; I just found out. What devastating news(T____T) Your amazing person and online presence will be sorely missed.

#23 02-12-2021 
I'm still reeling from the shock of finding out about Lee. She was always so encouraging and helpful. So full of wisdom. I shall never forget our online chats, especially learning how to recolour in chat; she was a great teacher.

My condolences to B and the rest of her family.

Rest in peace, Lee xxx

#24 02-12-2021 
Would anyone be interested in having a get together either in the chat here or maybe in discord in remembrance of Lee? Maybe sometime this saturday so it's easier to align timezones?

#25 02-12-2021 
I had the same thought, Twi. I think it would be nice. A sort of virtual Celebration of Life type thing.

#26 02-12-2021 
I will try to be connected on Saturday, Twi, justJones (probably more like between 5pm and 10pm, Western Europe time). Lee deserves such a celebration. Thank you for the idea.

#27 02-12-2021 
That time frame works for me as well.

#28 02-12-2021 
What time would that be in Arizona, USA? Ginnie

#29 02-12-2021 
10AM- 3PM, Ginnie.

Somewhere in that time frame works for me as well, though I definitely lean more towards the later end of it. Like around 2PM for me (which would be 7PM for Poisson and noon for Ginnie).

For anyone wondering, I am in EST; last I knew Twi too

#30 02-12-2021 
Yep, I'm in EST too


Sorry, that is a members only option