Disaster strikes LeeFish
#21 19-12-2010 
Indeed. Oh well, its all learning and no real harm done Smile

Though the bloody loading thing is being a PEST
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#22 19-12-2010 
I'm using a default theme now Big Grin
I think it is faster with the default theme.

#23 19-12-2010 
Yes, I think so too, its very odd. I don't think we are THAT image intensive, but I will have another look. Of course, the default theme HERE on leefish has NO plugins activated outside portal except myNetwork and XThreads....

It just VERY slow - and I can't really find what it is. There is no aha moment anywhere. I do see a correlation between LONG page times and low php usage in the debug settings, but hmmm.

What is weird is server load. I get numbers between 3 and 20. But I can get a server load of 20 and a fast page load, and a server load of 3 and wait over 30 seconds.

No correlation to users online either.
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#24 19-12-2010 
Well, maybe you need to do some cleaning with the template (if you have some free time) Big Grin
At least remove some double the same javascript loaded.
Some times the same script loaded more than once in the same page.

#25 19-12-2010 
Oh yea? Where did you see that ? and in which theme?

aha - mystatus did not clean up on the header include - so I have it twice there (DELETE)
But it seems that the longest queries (in debug) are the forum permissions and read/unread.
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#26 19-12-2010 
For example this page with the Snow theme:

scriptaculous more than once.
popup_menu.js loaded 2.
mystatus.js loaded 3.
jquery more than three times.
lightbox.js more than once.

#27 19-12-2010 
Yes, I had two versions of scriptaculous - I have got most of them via a double in the header include - but weird - I cant find the second lightbox. Only one in the headerinclude, none in showthread or header - yet I see it in the source code of this page. I will have a look in the global templates

BUT - my admincp is like a snail TOO..... I think its the host AS WELL.
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