Super Slow
#1 23-12-2010 
Well, if leefish WAS any slower it would stop.......

I have done some code optimising, chucked a couple of tweaks in etc, but the real problem is that our server really can't handle the site. Of course, its partly my own fault as I put the attachments IN the database, but I like to have control over the attachments. I will look at a lazy loader for images, but TBH thats not the issue. Issues are:

* calling of the attachments on first load of the site - once you are in its not bad at all STATUS= NOT FIXED To fix this we need to MOVE server.
* updating threads read based on date cutoff. STATUS= PATCHED
* trying to load ratings STATUS = FIXED (I turned it OFF - I hate star rating systems anyway)
* bots clogging the place slurping all the site STATUS = FIXED (I updated the htaccess file)

FUTURE: I will be moving leefish to a new server in the next couple of weeks - then all the issues related to shared hosting should be fixed.
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#2 17-01-2011 
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I don't think the site is slow at all Smile Good job

#3 17-01-2011 
No, it's not slow ANYMORE, since we moved... Wink


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