Moving the shoutbox
#1 21-01-2011 
I'm thinking of moving the shoutbox either off the portal page to index or down to the bottom of the portal.

The reason is that we don't really use it that much, and its taking up prime space at the top of the page. I thought we could use that space to show off some of the neat stuff we have in our resources section - I would like to know YOUR thoughts.

Don't forget we still have the site chat room - you can open it up in another window and it has I would like some "votes" on where to move the shoutbox, and if its a problem for anyone.
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#2 22-01-2011 
For all *I* care, you might even *remove* the Shoutbox, if it bothers you. So I have no problem with it being moved to *any* other location, either. Wherever it suits you, is great for me; right now it's taking up far too much valuable space in a prime spot, and without sound it isn't working too well for me.

So I'd better get used to opening the chat room in a separate tab. We could survive without the shoutbox, if you ask me.


Sorry, that is a members only option