New Lightbox
#1 27-01-2011 
I have installed a new lightbox on LeeFish.

For those who don't know what that means, its the little gallery of pictures that shows in the sims downloads area.


Has an automatic slideshow
Sizes pictures to fit the screen, so big screen users get a BIG pic, smallscreen users get a smaller pic, all nicely aligned on the screen
Supports other things than just images

I have tested in Safari, Opera, IE8 and IE6, Chrome and FireFox. I don't see any issues, except for the ebil IE6.....but if you see a problem on a less sucky browser please post here.


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#2 27-01-2011 
Ok, I'll give you an issue Wink On the iPad (Safari), the lightbox thumbnails do nothing at all, except flash briefly. To say the very least, they won't expand to fullscreen or anything like that, and I didn't see any slideshow effect. Smile

#3 27-01-2011 
- Ipad = MacOSX?

I have flash installed as well - maybe thats it.

Hmm, I just checked over on - disguised my user string and everything - it opened ok. Very odd. Can you get a screenshot?

Nope - I disabled flash - are you looking in landscape or portrait?

And - just in case - have slapped some jQuery in the showthread to do a scroll to top.

Curious to see.....
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#4 27-01-2011 
Actually, the iPad, iPod and iPhone use iOS in stead of MacOSX. I've installed iOS 4.2 on both of my devices, but the iPod screen is too small for Leefish to be any good on it.

Truly, there's nothing to see in a screenshot. When I tap any of the pics in the lightbox on the iPad, it just VERY briefly flashes (has nothing to do with Adobe Flash, which doesn't even work on those devices), and nothing else happens. I've also checked on my PC, of course, and there they work as expected: they open in a larger view, which changes pics every few seconds.

I was viewing them in landscape mode, because that way the site is at least readable on the iPad.

Edit to add:

Ok, I first checked that ipadpeek link on the PC, and that seems to work properly. However, I'm now back at the Pad, and it's no show... I *do* notice, however, that there's a very brief moment that another URL flashes in the address bar... far too short to make out what it is, or to be captured in a screenshot... No human has THAT kind of reflexes... Wink

#5 27-01-2011 
Hmm, very odd, I got HP over at MTS to test it and she said, yeah, was a drag to have to scroll up to see it, but other wise ok.... the flash reference was to using iPeek - if flash is on then it gives a false® result Smile
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#6 27-01-2011 
I updated the previous post...

#7 27-01-2011 
hmm, how strange. I believe you of course - and lol at the superhuman reflexes. Is it possible that the animations are too much for the iPad? But then why is HP seeing it - can it be a cache issue?


I have turned DOWN the anims required. Less slick - less jscript.
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#8 27-01-2011 
I'm having a sudden flash of inspiration... let HP try the lightbox on my latest 'mod'... maybe the editde pics there have something to do with it?

#9 27-01-2011 
Um, well, why don't you try it somewhere else on the forum? Are you saying its only on that thread?
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#10 27-01-2011 
In fact, never mind... HP was viewing in portrait mode, wasn't she? Because that appears to be it... in portrait mode, it DOES work.


Sorry, that is a members only option