Inline lightbox
#1 28-01-2011 
BoilingOil asked if it was possible to have an inline lightbox for creators posts. At the time, it was not possible because of our lightbox software. So I swapped us over to shadowbox and we now have an option for inline lightboxes....OMG..WTF...LBX...

So. If you are an uploader to our downloads section you know how this works - in post preview you will see a new option to add a inline lightbox image. So click the image above....

You can also use it in posts - but you DO need two images - the thumb and the main url

[lightbox=URL TO BIG IMAGE]URL TO THUMB[/lightbox]

There you go BO Smile
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#2 28-01-2011 
WILD! Now THAT's what I'm talking about! You're the BEST, Lee Wink
And now for me to rewrite the Aliena Impregnata post Wink

#3 28-01-2011 
I'm planning on uploading my house I showed you tonight, so this is fantastic!

#4 28-01-2011 
Actually, I'm thinking: if I just upload the BIG picture, and use the same URL twice, would it show the pic reduced in the post and enlarge it when clicked?

#5 28-01-2011 
Nope, or you will break the layouts Smile

Its just a trck


<<< click this


The key thing is the size of the thumb.

Standard post layout gives you a /thumb640x480 at the end of the url. The thumbs are not generated on the fly, thats a lot of power, instead, they are generated when you upload and stored on the server.

For MOST thumbs we have these sizes:


You can choose from those - I have been working on adding another size, but thats not needed now we have the display from inline.
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#6 28-01-2011 
Darn, with six slots available, the large pictures will have to be off-site then, on ImageShack. I can't store 8 pics in 6 slots Wink

#7 28-01-2011 
I am getting confused BO. You dont actually NEED to change the pics. You just need to change the pic codes you used in your post to be the new BB CODE INLINE.

Those sizes in the post above are for the thumbs. The original sizes of 1000x800 are for the big pics - those are what you upload. You already have those....
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#8 28-01-2011 
Yeah, that's what you get... You updated the previous post AFTER I had already written my reply Wink

It's essentially what I stated earlier: using the same pic for the thumb AND for the large picture. No worries, I understand now Big Grin

#9 28-01-2011 
What we NEED is a while you were typing. So if someone else has added a reply while typing will see it.....hrmmm
or edited
or anything really
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#10 28-01-2011 
ok, so lets test this. TROUT IS A PUDDIN
aww no, I take it back
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Sorry, that is a members only option