LeeFish Mobile
#1 28-02-2011 
I added a new Mobile version to the site - its a BIT different to how the rest of the site looks in terms of layout, but its optimised for Mobile users.

If you enter LeeFish using a Mobile device then you will be presented with the Mobile version of LeeFish. I have disabled the home page on Mobile, instead you will be taken to the index and you will have to scroll down looking for the area you want to see.

Yea, that is also disabled in LeeFish Mobile - but you can use the breadcrumb menu or the back buttons. Favourites in your browser would be a good idea here Smile As LeeFish has a favicon if you add a fave to your bookmarks you will be able to find them via the bookmarks in your browser.

No problem - you can swap to mobile view while using your PC...just scroll to the bottom of any page on LeeFish and in the footer bar you can click on Mobile version. You can change it back the same way.

Some other pages were not optimised for mobile browsing, but we kind of need them (like the download pages) so I have made it that when you go to the downloads pages the comments are UNDER the main post and the Lightbox is turned off - it will open the pic in a new screen.

I hope you like the new feature.
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#2 28-02-2011 
Hoping for input from those fishes that HAVE a mobile device -I don't you see.

* leefish looks at BO the IPad man
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#3 28-02-2011 
Oh my goodness... Please don't look at me, dear, because I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you... Sorry about that.

First of all, this thread appears a bit late; I saw the mobile version of Leefish 30 hours ago, and did NOT feel at home...
I understand that the limitations of mobile devices require adjustments to the site, but we lose THREE features that I can NOT do without: Portal, Menu AND the OilFish theme! Losing only ONE of these is already unbearable.

To be honest, visiting this site from from my iPad is mostly pointless anyway, because I have nothing to upload from it, and this site has nothing to offer that would make sense downloading on it, either. But at least I could read the forums and write some short posts... But yesterday, I was instantly lost, couldn't find anything, and quickly left Leefish. I'm not visiting from my iPad again! Thank god, I also have a desktop !! Big Grin

#4 28-02-2011 
Yea, its really JUST for quick checks on the go - I don't really want to make it so attractive that we end up NOT using the full site - so its probably a good thing that portal and the very nice (but heavy duty) themes and menu are for the full version and that mobile users (who can't wait to get home and look at LeeFish in all its splendour but need to see our latest posts NOW) don't get the whole experience - just enough to be able to view.
Aside from the "arrggghhhh where is my LeeFish that I know and love", how was the display?
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#5 28-02-2011 
I wouldn't even CONSIDER trying it on my iPod (!), though... That screen is just too damn small to type any posts! Heck, even READING is a crime Big Grin

#6 28-02-2011 
Wow, I have an elderly IPod Classic - I didn't know you could view the internet from them nowadays. I always thought when Lew said he viewed on the iPod he had just misspelled IPad....
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#7 28-02-2011 
I got an iPod Touch (64GB, just like my iPad), so that I can leave the somewhat large-ish Pad at home, and still have everything with me on the Pod Wink
And yes, nowadays, the ONLY differences are that the iPhone is the only one with the Phone function, and the iPad has the big screen! Apart from that, all the devices are mostly identical.

#8 28-02-2011 
levini says that it works on the wii ... only prob is with the wii there is background music .... and that the buttons are harder to select ....

#9 28-02-2011 
lol at wii..... that IS the wii playing the music? I'm pretty sure there are no music files on LeeFish Smile
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#10 28-02-2011 
Quoting myself:
Quote:Hey, that's not bad, I am impressed. I think it fulfills your purpose, Lee, for quick checks on the go.


Sorry, that is a members only option