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#1 01-03-2011 
As some of you know, I am a keen and active member of ModTheSims and have a fair few things uploaded there. For those of you who don't upload to MTS then you will not know about the rather awesome things there are hidden away for creators Smile

One of those things is the download stats - I LOVE this feature and I really wanted it for LeeFish.

We already have a report that shows on a members control panel if they have uploads on LeeFish. It says how many downloads/views/comments of a certain item since the beginning of LeeFish.

Its nifty, I am very proud of it. But it's still not as good as the MTS one.......

What's wrong with it?? Its awesome.....
Well, it only shows the total. Maybe you want to see how many downloads YESTERDAY of a certain item. Or what items were downloaded last Tuesday.....or how many downloads today.

I am working on it - but I have to do it on the live site as I have no test database for LeeFish with all the data like we have here on the live site. So some of you (looks at BO) have probably seen a little link on the user control panel that says download statistics.

It does not work - as yet - but I have made a little progress - with the help of Delphy from MTS who kindly gave me the graphs code he uses on MTS and a great guy called Tom Moore (AKA lobster) who has helped me get the Delphy code into a MYBB useable format.

Aims - Goals - whatever
I am developing the code as I go along - my goal is:

Have a stats page with all of a creators stats showing:

Overall stats per upload (done)
Downloads Today (done)
Downloads per day in the last month (10% done)
Downloads per day per item (is dreaming here)

Anyway, I will keep you informed, but at the moment its in development, I know most of the stuff that is wrong with it re display etc, and if you have ADDITIONAL ideas (i.e. on top of what I have already listed) for what we can have in the stats that would be great. Reply here.
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#2 18-03-2011 
ok, downloads TODAY is done - as long as you have downloads. Otherwise you get a scraffy little message that you have no downloads today.....

I am working on the history graph, I think I will add a detail overview for downloads YESTERDAY.
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#3 12-04-2011 
An update on this - it makes no sense to have the graphs on one page and the tabular data on another so I have combined them into ONE page which you can view by clicking on your user menu (accessible via the mini -avatar on the top of every page). You should see a line seeing upload stats - If you don't have any uploads then you wont see the link to stats.

History graph is next up Smile
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#4 12-04-2011 
Impressive, Lee!!! Looks great... I'm thinking, though, that some of my mods are not named very smartly (my mistake perhaps). They are shown on the graph as "BO - ...", which does not help, of course, if there are multiple mods named that way Big Grin

I'm all giddy at the prospect of soon having history graphs as well! Keep it up, dear. This is fantastic!!!

#5 12-04-2011 
Hmm, I will see if I can make the tool tip a bit bigger or take that "-" into account. Let me take a look. Smile

Glad you like what we have so far.
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#6 13-04-2011 
Ok, I had a look at the code and your problem with only "BO" showing - its because I use the stringlength to trim the string at a space. String length was set at 30, its now 45. However, if you use the "-" symbol rather than a space then the string may well exceed the 45 characters and then the title will trim back to the first space it finds - in this case, the space directly after BO - .

So if you see any more of those then that will be the reason.

You can edit thread titles directly from the overview - overview being the Bench or Backyard (if you want to - it's your choice and I don't think you have that many uploads where the thread title exceeds 45 characters) - just hover your mouse over the title and you should see it.
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#7 13-04-2011 
Ah, yeah, I understand... There still are a FEW whose titles are somewhat too long, but I'll live with that. Thanks for looking at it, Lee Big Grin

#8 15-04-2011 
WOW! I see you managed to get the downloads history in! Awesome, Lee! Big Grin Thank you so much! Heart

#9 15-04-2011 
Aww, thanks BO - I will be working on it to make it a bit better - with dates and things - but its a start right ?
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#10 15-04-2011 
Indeed, I find it very nice to know that 4 days ago, I had personal record in number of downloads: 92 in one day! Wink

An improvement I thought of - but immediately discarded as probably somewhat over the top - was, when I click one of the bars, to get a specified list of which mods were DL-ed in which numbers... Way too much administration, if you ask me Wink


Sorry, that is a members only option