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#1 11-06-2011 
I am pleased to announce that we have a NEW creator on site - armiel Smile

[Image: armiintro.jpg]
Finn Creations

armiel is a TS3 simmer, but we won't hold that against her Tongue armiel specialises in TS3 build and worlds, and she will be uploading TS3 lots and build items and giving us some sneak previews of worlds. Please join me in welcoming armiel to the site.

[Image: star.png]Lee
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 11-06-2011 
Yay!!!! The best thing since sliced bread!!!!!

Love much? hehe

#3 11-06-2011 
Moi, armiel! ("Hi, armiel." And that's about all Finnish I know. Tongue ) It warms my Nordic heart to see a neighbour creating here - even if you beat us at hockey. Wink
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#4 11-06-2011 
Hi Armiel,

Welcome to! It's great to have another creator in here, even if she creates for the DARK SIDE... TS3 is EVIL Tongue

#5 11-06-2011 
* levini Squeezes Armiel to death
Woah wait (Lee can I put some daft dots here ??) She is on the Dark side !?!? do they have Fresh Cookies Armi ?? If so Im going there Just to steal some and come back

#6 11-06-2011 
Thank you so much for inviting me and making me an awesomely pretty forum Lee!

Kayla, sliced bread? hahaha, thanks Big Grin

Hejsan Nixnivis! (that's about all of the swedish (sverige) I know, in addition to swear words Tongue)
I'm sorry for the hockey, lol, I don't usually even watch it, but I accidentally realized just on the last minute that the championship game was between our countries... The guy who made the Finland opening goal used to be in same school with me!

Hey BO, and thanks Smile Even though I don't create for TS2, it's still my favorite Sims game to play Big Grin

* armiel comes back from the death to haunt levini!
lol, just kidding, *here* are some cookies for you, and everyone else too!

#7 11-06-2011 
Greetings I'm glad to have a new creator join us on the site even if they don't mod or create for the Sims 2 any creation is good creation in my opinion! Welcome. Big Grin
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#8 11-06-2011 
EEEEK !! A ghost !!
* levini stabs Armiel's Ghost

#9 11-06-2011 
thank you XanderGC Smile

* armiel doesn't know what do with levini...
oh wait, there is nothing I -can- do, cause I'm dead and my ghost is stabbed.

* armiel forces the cookies down levini's throat.

#10 11-06-2011 
Hello armiel! If I had stuck with playing TS3 I would definitely download your pretty lots! Just seeing your snapshot of that peaceful looking lake made me question if I should have continued playing TS3! Anyway, it will still be neat to see what creations you will come out with!
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