Leefish Light
#1 08-07-2011 
Yay! I have uploaded Xander's awesome Leefish Light theme and applied it as COMPULSORY (sorry BO) on the members uploads area Smile

See it HERE

Of course all the creators with their own sections will still have their own section themes.


- Snazzy custom header image, made by Xander
- Extremely lightweight theme with minimum images in the HTML
- Light colours for a less doom-filled browsing experience.....

Enjoy the theme, thanks Xander Smile
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#2 08-07-2011 
Lovely Lee ..

#3 08-07-2011 
levini;7040 Wrote:Lovely Lee ..

Well it's Xander's work, not mine. I like it though. Smile
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#4 08-07-2011 
Very nice and fresh-looking theme! I like it a lot. Smile

Only now I need to make a recol for the Leefish mobile, so the rings have a light theme, too. Wink
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#5 08-07-2011 
Thank you gang! Big Grin I like light themes a lot and trust me just like dark themes they are hard to design, I also wanted to sneak a bit of Sims flavor into the mix because I personally view this site as my go to Sims site. I know it has more stuff than Sims and that is ok too.

@Lee: Did you add in a new Nav button because I think it throws off the layout a bit, my User Options/Sign In Sign Up button is now pushed to the side and dropped down lol. Tongue
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#6 08-07-2011 
Yea, the sims creativity dropdown was getting so it was longer than the page Smile

So I have restored the old "mini-sites" dropdown and "squidged" your margin a bit Tongue
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#7 08-07-2011 
Thank you I don't know what I was thinking with the margins honestly lol.
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#8 08-07-2011 
Lee, you're evil! But hey, maybe that's what I Heart about you. Smile

Well done, Xander... maybe a bit too light for me to look at all day, but its very good! I may have to hire you as my decorator, next time I move Smile


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