The BLoE
#21 09-07-2011 
I'm a little late to the party here, but I think this is a GREAT idea! Heart And I think it's even greater that you can see all a creator's download - I think that's especially handy if you want to find stuff by regular members who post downloads regularly but don't have their own section.
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#22 11-07-2011 
Late to the party too, but think the "Big List" is most excellent!
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#23 13-07-2011 
I had an idea - but I wanted to run it by the creators first - we have the domain fees etc coming up, and though we do have the deal of the CENTURY re server costs, there is a cost to someone. (Mystery seriously BIG TIME donator shall remain nameless).

I would like to add a PURELY VOLUNTARY donate button to the BLoE - I will add it to my page of downloads, but as the other downloads are not mine (ie the ones on the BLoE) then I would like to see what you guys think.

I have a page ready - you can see it here >>>

Donation Page
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#24 13-07-2011 
I'm all for it, and would even agree to a button or link on each of my sections that leads to this page.

Also, I would love to "offer a bribe" Tongue myself, but obviously (and I understand why) iDEAL is not an option, and I'm not such a fan of Paypal. Nor do I have any kind of credit card. I'll see what my options are, though...

Paypal it was!

#25 13-07-2011 
awww BO - you don't have to donate ya daft puddin - you are one of the creators Smile

Yea, I am not a fan of paypal myself really, but they have an easy API and I already have a paypal account from my eBay days....
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#26 13-07-2011 
I may not HAVE to from YOUR perspective, dear. But from MY perspective, I'm offered a free space to store and present my mods. That's worth something to me. So, of course I have to Smile

#27 13-07-2011 
* leefish hugs BO
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Sorry, that is a members only option