#1 30-08-2012 
Hi Big Grin

I'm returning to simming after a break (maternity leave Tongue) and I realized I never introduced myself here...so, I'm Cynnix, you can call me Cynnix, Cyn or Cynthia. I play a modern game on one computer with vampires, super heroes and sci-fi characters, and a medieval game on my other computer. I don't post a lot because I'm a bit shy.

#2 30-08-2012 
Hi Cynthia Smile wave

#3 30-08-2012 
hi, congratulations on the baby Big Grin

Don't worry about being shy - gruff and shy but nice really is almost the standard description of a leefisher Big Grin
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#4 30-08-2012 
Thank you Big Grin
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#5 30-08-2012 
Hi, Cynnix! Big Grin It's great to see you - congrats on the baby! Smile
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#6 30-08-2012 
Hi Cynthia!

Welcome to Leefish. Nice to have you here.
Also, congratz on the little one.

#7 30-08-2012 
Hello Cyn, good to meet you Smile
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#8 30-08-2012 
Welcome, Cynnix, and congrats on the baby! It's great to have you here! vamp

#9 30-08-2012 
Hi, Cyn. Always nice to have another sane member join.
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#10 30-08-2012 
Welcome. Lovely to meet you. Smile
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