TSM to TS2 Swan Dress
#1 24-09-2012 
I found a tutorial by BloomsBase thanks to Fanseelamb Smile

I'm so excited that the process takes a couple of hours instead of the days it took to do my first conversion! Celebrate It took two hours to convert and make morphs, and another hour for the textures.

[Image: CynnixTSMPNSwanGown.jpg]

ETA- I'm a puffer fish Rofl

#2 24-09-2012 
Wow - that is looking great for a "Work in Progress" - what still needs to be done?
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#3 24-09-2012 
I needed to fix bone assignments, align normals on the bust where the dress connects to the body and adjust the texture and alpha to fit in the back. It's done now.
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