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#1 04-03-2014 
As you may know, on leefish we have the "Mention Me" functionality. You put an @ in front of a username in your post and the "mentioned" person gets an alert.

This has been a bit fiddly as it required you to spell the name correctly. We now have an update to the function where you will see a "megaphone" icon in the postbuttons. Click that and it will add the users name to the quick reply box - you can select multiple users too.

See the attached image.

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#2 04-03-2014 
@leefish : makes perfect sense!

#3 04-03-2014 
@BoilingOil , thanks. Of course, as this is tied to the quick reply function, if you don't have the quick reply box option ticked in your account settings then the megaphone wont show.

If you want to find people who have not posted then in the FULL reply there is an extra button on the code bar. This adds the function to find ANY users by starting to type their name in.

#4 04-03-2014 
@leefish What a nifty add-on Smile Makes it easier for those of us who can't type correctly half the time Tongue

#5 04-03-2014 
or those that never understood how to do it in the first place ;P
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#6 04-03-2014 
@leefish - Nifty! Had to fiddle with my "disconnect" extension to see the button but now it works great. Tongue
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#7 04-03-2014 
I wondered how ya'll did that. Thanks @leefish
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#8 04-03-2014 
@justJones @Karen Lorraine @fanseelamb @CatherineTCJD

You are welcome. This alert brought to you by MentionMe.


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