sims2 #1
Previously on leefish - I did some book art posters that leefish introduced me to and said I would do more when the mood took me. Well the mood has taken me.

In both simlish and english except for 2 books.

Clarissa by Samuel Richardson was too hard to simlify.
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dafoe is in Aramic - and it seemed against the spirit of the thing to do it in English and Simlish.

Books are:

Gulliver's Travels
Tom Jones

Probably will do more. Although I can't predict when the mood will take me.

It's on Night Life Grilled Cheese.


Lee for introducing me to the site.
@DoeDeMee - 100 Books, 100 Artists, Supporting Literacy If you like the posters - go buy one for Real Life, and support literacy too!
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Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

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#2 31-01-2016
Think I just had a bookgasm!
Emma is an all time favourite, though Pride and Prejudice beats it by a hair!
Thanks Kiri Smile

#3 31-01-2016
They look great, kiri!

#4 31-01-2016
Very pretty indeed Big Grin


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