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Original Set - Fusion at SimGedohns by Tolli.

[Image: Build-Fusion-AL-Preview.jpg]

Garage Door 01,
Door 1a
Window 01
have been assigned as masters. If you keep any recolours you have of this set from those meshes it will recolour the same group.

All the other windows, doors and Garage Doors have been repositoried to the Masters. I've popped them in a separate folder called 'build-simgedoehns-fusion-slaves' in the build-simgedoehns-fusion.rar.

So you must download build-simgedoehns-fusion.rar

All the others are recolour sets in most of the major recolour palettes. There are 183 recolour packages in total, so I strongly recommend that you only download the ones you'll actually use rather than all of them.


Recolours in AL Maxis Match - 6 recolours - AL Dark, AL Medium, AL Light, White, Black, Cherry
Recolours in iCad’s woods - 20 recolours in iCad's wood palette (all of them)
Recolours in IKEA Malm’s woods - 5 recolours - Birch, Medium Brown, Oak, Black, White
Recolours in my build colours - 6 recolours - Asparagus, Gold, Green, Inkwash, Lack Red, Twilight (From Amythestfenix palette)
Recolours in Shastakiss’ Pirate Woods colours - 5 recolours - Charcoal, Driftwood, Rowboat, Twig, White
Recolours in Shastakiss’ Yeti colours - 15 recolours in Shastakiss' Yeti Palette (all of them)

Original recolours from Simgedoehns - 3 recolours - Black, White, Dark Wood. Lt Wood is the base texture

Also included is two PSDs for recolouring - One for the Door, One for the Garage Door. There isn't one for the Window as it is a simple 256x256 square.

Leefish for teaching me to do repository.
Shastakiss and Amythestfenix and iCad for their palettes and textures.
Tiff for wanting the Fusion Build recoloured in the first place.
x 11

Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot   Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot Simgedoehn's Fusion Build set Screenshot
Download link
Filesize 881.84 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion.rar | # of Downloads 610  
Filesize 771.77 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-AL.rar | # of Downloads 469  
Filesize 2.11 MB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-icad.rar | # of Downloads 343  
Filesize 252.42 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-templates.rar | # of Downloads 258  
Filesize 662.84 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-masbuild.rar | # of Downloads 320  
Filesize 907.96 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-pirate.rar | # of Downloads 333  
Filesize 373.13 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-th.rar | # of Downloads 301  
Filesize 4.8 MB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-yeti.rar | # of Downloads 321  
Filesize 688.32 KB | File Name build-simgedoehns-fusion-recolours-malm.rar | # of Downloads 372  
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Wow Kiri, you have been busy! Thank you Smile

#3 01-07-2016
Wow, yes you sure have been busy! And it looks great! thanks for sharing. Smile

#4 01-07-2016
Thank you so much! THis set is so much more useful now. 183 recolors!
* Klaartje boggles


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