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Merry Fishmas everyone!

Merry Fishmas!

Once there was a fish with a dream...
She dreamed of a place where fish from all over could gather. A place where they could share creations, interests and snacks. And also a website. So she purchased an old factory and converted it to a headquarters for her new venture. Over the years, as the website grew, so did the HQ, expanding to it's present state.

If you can't find something to do here, then you must have your eyes closed. There's plenty to occupy your time. In the old factory, you will find on the bottom floor, a lobby, restrooms and the big fish's office. Upstairs is R&D. Connecting the old building to the expansion is the glass walled cafeteria. The new building houses a bar/rec room downstairs, and a tea room and library up. In the back is a patio seating area. There's a lovely little garden with benches on one side, on the other, a basketball court for the more athletic fish.

Built with all EP/SPs. Only 3 pieces of cc, the walls I made for the sign.

Lot size: 3x3
Price: 175997 (Which really only matters if you wanted to own it for some reason)

There is a UNI stove in the kitchen, I highly suggest Inge's mod so that the worker shows up. You can just use it as a regular kitchen if you'd like, but it's intended as a cafeteria Wink

Shiny Time NPC Always Patch:
(about halfway down the page)

And there you have it. Enjoy!
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#9 03-11-2018
I installed this yesterday and had a look at it in Build mode (never played it) and a bartender was present on the lot. Just thought I should mention that.

#10 03-11-2018

I saw the same thing happen on a comm lot in my game. Previously, that same lot had shown some odd behaviors, which may or may not be related.

I advise the following strategy: while in build mode, activate the moveobjects cheat, then pick up the barman as an ordinary object, and delete. Then save the lot.

I did this, and since then experienced no more problems with the lot.

#11 04-11-2018
@BoilingOil Thank you! I was excited to install the lot and worried when I saw the bartender. I'm glad to hear that it's fixable with no more borkedness than already exists in my game. Smile


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