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About The School Project
I am not really happy with the schoolsystem in game. I mean they have to do homework, but except for a scolarship if they have at least A-, there's not really a point to do homework. I mean they can have A+ and earn a scolarship but have no benefit for the rest of their lives.
So I am really busy working on several (really a lot of) teen careers in which they can choose different fields of study to earn skills that can help them get a (skill) scolarship, at college and in their future careers (also when they don't go to college).
This school project is based on the school system in Belgium as I know it today. I have been to college to become a teacher in high school so I know the school system quite well.
I know the schoolsystem in other countries can be very different from the one in Belgium, but as I am creating this for my own game, I want to create it my way.
You can compare this to the 7 years of Hogwarts I made as 7 teen careers. But now the teens don't attend Hogwarts. They attend the Belgian School System.

Every field of study (teen career) will focus on one or two skills, but there will be chance cards so they earn other skills too. I try to make them as different as possible for every teen career.

The scolarships that can be earned (at least 3):
1. So when the sim is a good student as a child (at least A-) it can apply for a scolarship when becoming a teen and before choosing one of the field of study careers. Because they have to change to the school "vacation" so they can go to the career in day time. The teens still "attend" regular school, but there are no days they have to go so their mark (A- or more) doesn't change anymore and they can keep that scolarship.
2. By following the field of study career, it's necessary to "promote" to level 3 in the end. For reaching level 3 in a teen career, the teen can apply for a scolarship.
3+. When being "promoted" to level 3 in a field of study career, the teen has between 5 and 10 skillpoints for a certain skill (or skills) depending on the form of education and the field of study that has been chosen. From the moment a teen has 8 or more skillpoints of a certain skill, the teen can apply for a scolarship.

And then there's the benefit of having so many skillpoints for 1 or 2 skills when choosing a major.

These are three (of many many) new Teen Careers in this School System.
If you want to learn more about the Belgian School system you can read it in this post: https://s2idownloads.blogspot.com/2018/0...art-2.html
(It's just too much information to put here and there will be more uploads to come.)

Keep in mind
- Teens need to change to the "Vacation" school type found here: http://s2idownloads.blogspot.be/2013/12/...ation.html
- Though teens don't go to regular school and don't make homework, they need to work very hard on their skills.
- If you use another school type (like my school in shifts), teens can still go to school.
- This is very interesting if you want your sims to go to college, but even when they don't go to college it's good to follow this school system to have some skills already when they start a career.
- There's an upgrade for every career suiting the field of study the sim chose. E.g.: Field of study Economics-Math has the upgrade Economy
- I want it to keep a surprise which school direction upgrades to which career. But it's kind of obvious when you look at study direction and it's always a Maxis' career. Never a custom one.
- These careers will all have PTO3 so teens have enough time to work on their skills.
- This career asks really a lot of skills from your teen sims. It's best to already have some skill points that are needed for this career.

In every zipfile I include translationfiles, overview of the career and chance cards (spoiler) and the career itself.
ASO Economics-Math
ASO Economics-Modern Languages
ASO Econmics-Science

Needed to make this work in game

For FAQ, please go here: http://s2idownloads.blogspot.be/p/faq.html
Of course you can also ask questions in the comment section or on my blog.

I upload these in parts because there are many, really many different kinds of field of study in Belgium.
It's just too much to upload everything in one post.

Additional Credits:
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS) http://bit.ly/1aKIKpW
Job Seeking Board by Moghughson (MTS) http://bit.ly/tLUmNg
Numenor’s Anygamestarter

Credits for the icons:
Icon ASO Economics-Math made by LientebollemeiS2I thanks to MS Powerpoint
Original icon ASO Economics-Modern Languages: https://www.shareicon.net/business-econo...ble-783937
Author of the icon: Technology
Licence of the icon: Flaticon Basic License
Original icon ASO Economics-Science: https://www.shareicon.net/symbol-bitcoin...fic-668488
Author of the icon: Other
Licence of the icon: Flaticon Basic License
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#5 15-07-2020
@Kunder, I agree. Even with the highest paying job, (Law at level 3, §145/day), the best money they make in 15 days as a teen (at best, 11 work days), is almost §1500. Add to that §750 for the related scholarship, and that's it. Any teen with a creative inclination can paint that much money in under a week. Several crafting options spring to mind as well. Or -- if you don't use the Community Time Project -- have them work as a DJ or Barista on any comm lot.

And why would it really need to be about making money, right?

#6 16-07-2020
In my Pleasantview, Luci Burb (Tinkerer), can make 5,000/week, restoring the restorable car. Ariel Capp, does this in Veronaville, Isaiah Gavigan, and Tank Grunt, do it too. Simsday Smaddams, doesn't do anything but go out, and have fun. :^p Same with Juliet Capp. Desdimona, is a budding reality show host, like her parents.

Jill, and Sirleen Smith, paint portraits, and make good money. Tina Traveller, is a princess, and doesn't do anything. ;^) Katy Cymovic, is a top model. Havoc Pyxmyxel, just likes to prank her older sister.

As far as school goes, good grades, and scholarships, give kids, and teens, something to achieve, and a little extra cash for college. Nothing more than that. The ONLY reason I like Uni, is that it gives a sim, that much more life to live. I can always get the counterfeit diploma if that wasn't a concern.
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#7 16-07-2020
Some of my families have multiple Tinkerers: they easily restore a car every day. A single adult tinkerer without a job can restore 4 or 5 cars every week, if the environment is set up right. But one or two cars a week is fine for most families.
Highly skilled good or evil witches can craft thrones and sell them from inventory. VERY GOOD money!!

I don't force my sims to gain skills that they don't roll wants for, but in order to qualify for college, they *must* gain some skills. Any sim who does NOT have at least one point each in Cooking, Body and Cleaning, four points in all of the other skills, PLUS one point extra anywhere, is NOT college material. Any teen who has an A+ grade AND achieves at least 4/5/5/4/5/5/4 skillpoints, gets enrolled in Inge's Flexi-school, 0h/day. They can concentrate on fulfilling wants and making friends, fun, love and/or money as they see fit, AND then go to college.
I'm not above accepting some scholarships on the side, though, if my sims qualify for them; it fulfills some of the parents' wants!


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