#1 04-12-2019 
I can make it anyday but Sunday.
Karen can make it Monday or Tuesday.

Do we have any other limitations?

We also need to pick a time.

Something that works for Australia, UK, Netherlands, USA?

@leefish - is it ok if I advertise it on tumblr for leefishers (like shasta, fansee, nix) who don't necessarily visit here much anymore?
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#2 04-12-2019 
I would totally love to join but I don't have the chat symbol yet and I don't wanna post more just to get it. Hope I can be a part next time and I wish you all a lot of fun!

#3 04-12-2019 
@Lucydique You have 69 posts. You only need 10? posts to be able to chat. Do me a favour? take a screen shot of your page - I'm wondering whether it's there or it's hidden.

[Image: chat.jpg]

That's what mine looks like - I've circled the chat icon.

#4 04-12-2019 
[Image: qeLkzbHm.jpg]
That's how mine looks, I'm guessing it's 100 posts and not 10
no adblock and on firefox browser

#5 05-12-2019 
Try again to look

Kiri , go ahead advertising where you like Smile

#6 05-12-2019 
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@leefish i sent you a pm i was wanting to know if you could help me with a few issues with the sims 2 ultimate collection

#7 05-12-2019 
Hi, I am not really an expert on the ultimate collection. I could not see the screen shot, please make a thread in the graphics card forum.

#8 05-12-2019 
(05-12-2019 01:32 PM)leefish Wrote:  Try again to look

Celebrate yes it's there thanks so much!!!

#9 17-12-2019 
any news on the chat party or too busy in christmas preparations Wink

#10 17-12-2019 
I am super busy at work. We do have our tree up though. Not a lot of time right now with Christmas indeed. Still a couple of gifts to get.


Sorry, that is a members only option