NVidia - Improving Graphics Quality
#1 10-12-2019 
See this post from iCad - My Mind is Blown - or Using the Inspector to improve graphics for NVidia cards

The resolution improvements on low-res and smoothing off are amazing. Worthwhile having a look and try if you have a recent NVidia card.
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#2 14-02-2020 
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im not sure if you deleted my comment but im new here, im not trying to be annoying, I apologize. I just really need help on how to fix this im not savvy at all. I wont leave any more comments sorry to be a bother.

#3 14-02-2020 
No, *I* deleted your post. You already HAVE a thread about your problem, and we will help you there, if you supply the info that we need. Posting your issue in multiple threads all over the board does not help you. It will only tell us that you are an impatient brat who does not want to wait a little bit. Now I realize that you are new here. So you may not have known this, but on MOST forums, this impatient behavior is not accepted, and it gets you banned.

I understood that you did not intend to get us upset, so I deleted your post without banning you. Please do not make me regret it, okay?
And you did not have to tell us that you are new here, because we can see the number-of-posts counter under your name. That says that you have now posted five times here. If I had not deleted three unnecessary posts, that would've been eight.

#4 14-02-2020 
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im sorry! I really am new here, I joined yesterday. You can check my profile if you'd like. I was just using this place as I use reddit. I'm not trying to annoy anyone. I will stop.

#5 14-02-2020 
As I said, I can see how few posts you have made, and I have seen all those post, and deleted three of them. The few that still exist, were all written in the last two days. That already proves how new you are.
Also, I've logged in on this forum two or three times each day for the last 7 years or so, and I had never seen your name before yesterday. So I really do not need to look at your profile to know you're a fresh fish in the pond. We just need to teach you to swim and to breathe underwater, and then everything will be fine... just stay away from the sharks! Big Grin


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