Deleting Inactive members
#11 01-07-2013 
Yea, I am totally against registering to look - it is one of the few things I dislike about BPS; but registering to DOWNLOAD - seems fair.

#12 01-07-2013 
If you send a mail to all users? For example "Hi, you've never posted, etc etc"

And downloads only to members is very good solution, at least they see your registration page Big Grin and maybe someone also decides to stay

#13 06-07-2013 
Well, you can look at things in a store through the window, but if you want to buy it, you have to actually go in. Also, sites like Amazon allow you look without joining, but you have to register to buy. So I see no reason not to make it mandatory to join, in order to download.

In case anyone is wondering, I have not been very active online as I am busy working on the new Sim Tracker.
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#14 06-07-2013 
While I really, really don't like sites where you have to register just to have a look around (I mean, if I can't see what I'm getting, how am I supposed to know if I want to join in the first place?), I'm all for having to register to download and leave comments. That I think is perfectly reasonable.

#15 15-05-2014 
140 members deleted today!!!

Criteria: have no posts, not on line since 2011.


Sorry, that is a members only option