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#11 28-02-2011 
Thanks guys - just to confirm - it is happening automatically - like you log in with a mobile device and POW - MobileFish?
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#12 28-02-2011 
idk lee but the background music is fun ... maybe by default wii itself (as with everything) and no with the wii its super normal ... (thank goodness i got it out of colnum mode) it dont go into mobile mode ... it stays normal ... but the pictures are small ... ( /levini wonders how to get a screenshot of it from wii ... )

#13 28-02-2011 
Quote:( /levini wonders how to get a screenshot of it from wii ... )

stop, please stop ... I am developing hernia from laughing
*sent you vegetarian recipe from someplace*

#14 28-02-2011 
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Yay! Now I can stalk you on the run. Tongue *waves*

#15 28-02-2011 
lol ...
*hides from canoodle*

btw canoodle ... your signature is purely true ! Big Grin

#16 05-06-2011 
Ok Lee i got some problems with the new stuff you did on he go mobile thing that were not there before updating my iPod . For some reason it either kills my music or causes a major skipping in the song mostly whilst posting, also in some cases the side things in the full version are jumbled all in a mess , there is also the issue where it will cause my ipod to freeze for a couple of seconds while typing and finally it keeps popping up windows when I use BB code even though I disabled pop-ups

EDIT: some of the stuff fixed completely Lee like my music does not skip and the jumbly side thingy isnt happening (it wasnt a problem just annoying) but meh it still sorta freezes up when posting , maybe possible since my iPod memory is nearly full and clogged up , ill try clearing the cache and see if it works too

#17 05-06-2011 
Ok, I think I still do not fully understand.

You get freezes on WHICH pages? All pages?

When you say the side things - you mean on the portal? Yes, that is why the portal is disabled on mobile. What you can do is try ticking the box in your edit options that says IF I am on a mobile device then prefer mobile. I will check on the forumdisplay for mobile - I THINK the scroller is still active and it must not be.
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#18 05-06-2011 
Meh Lee it freezes everytime I made a post . But it appears to stop must have been me not cleaning the cache . Anyhoo all issues were solved , possibly because I cleaned the cache and am deleting photos to free memory up.

#19 05-06-2011 
Yes, even though the amount of javascript etc has been reduced, its still calling some and so will need some device memory to run.
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#20 05-06-2011 
Oh , thats why it was freezing and stuff . Well everythin seems fixed-ed post cache and memory clearing


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