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#21 12-06-2011 
Also. I was distracted from that WW1 remark by the daft dottage request. I KNEW I was right to look suspicious.

NOW I shall go and ponder on the awful punishment you shall receive. Possibly you will be made to wear combination underwear when you next go on a hot date. Or something equally OMG cruel.

* leefish wanders off to plot.
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#22 12-06-2011 
NOOO!! Please dont Punish me !!
* levini begs

#23 12-06-2011 
@Armi. You know best thing since sliced bread. Because Its a pain in the ass to slice bread. So it was the best invention, like ever!!!

#24 12-06-2011 
But sliced bread is all processed and fake !! eew
* levini uninvents Sliced bread


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